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Lynn G. Sessions

I started seeing Afton Orchard, Gary’s grandfather, when I was 6 years old and have continued to be seen by his father and now Gary at Orchard’s Naturopathic. Dr. Gary Orchard and
Dr. Justin Crook have seen to all of my needs with physical health, emotional health, and with vitamins and nutrients. I highly recommend these Doctors and their staff.

Dennis L. Sessions

My wife Lynn first got me going to Gary Orchard Sr. and now I continue to see Gary Jr. and he helps me maintain my physical health. He has been able to recommend natural supplements that have replaced a couple of drug prescriptions. The entire staff at Orchard’s Naturopathic has been great to my wife and I.

Sue and Harry Moody

We have been patients of Orchards for over 30 years. Sue and I have both had surgery, and Dr. Orchard has been instrumental in our recovery from the effects of surgery. In addition we both have back problems and Dr. Orchard keeps us both able to be active. The office personal are excellent to work with, they go out of their way to help us any way possible.

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